'Today we celebrate that Marleen has been employed by our company for 40 years. Much has changed in those years....
Although she has worked for the same company for 40 years, Marleen is currently working for her third employer. If the company moved from Ouderkerk to Capelle aan de IJssel, the range has changed but the atmosphere is still positive. In the past, orders were received by phone or fax, we receive them now by email or even via the app. The accounting and management of the production processes are automated and optimized. Its function is all-round, accounting, laboratory work and driving full automation produce a sufficient challenge. We are grateful to her for all the years we have worked with each other and hope she has been part of the IJsselmolen team for some time.
Recently, we invested in a new air compressor that is expanded with a heat exchanger.
A young girl in need of a job meets the wrong person at the wrong time and ends up destroying a factory. 

This movie was partially shot in our factory.