Sustainability in practice

Recently, we invested in a new air compressor that is expanded with a heat exchanger.

The excess heat that arises in the compressor during compressing the air to use in the factory, runs normally through a radiator and cools down by a fan. This heated air got blown outside because of explosion danger, which caused loss of energy. 

Now, the heated oil from the compressor runs through a heat exchanger, connected to the under floor heater. We learned quickly that the current pump system was inadequate to pump the water from the under floor heating through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger caused too much resistance, so we placed a water pump in the supply to the heat exchanger. For security we also added a pressure vessel.

Depending on the amount of water directed through the system, this is regulated by the pump, we have a difference of 8°C between the supply before and after the heat exchanger. We started with 14,5°C input and 22,5°C output. Under floor heating is slow. It takes a while before a floor reaches its temperature, especially with such a large floor area and big air content. Our pursuit is to continually keep the stockroom at 18°C. With this improvement we use energy sources that before got lost.